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Merit and demerit of children's outdoor toy

Merit and demerit of children's outdoor toy
Update Time:2017-01-14
Children's outdoor toys are generally more large-scale, placed in a spacious place, its main role is to exercise the child's physical activity, which with the general indoor educational toys are essentially different, then the advantages and disadvantages of children's outdoor toys were What?


First, the children in the outdoor sports, can make their own physical fitness to get exercise and improve.
    Second, most of the time the children are outdoors in droves, which makes the children's awareness of cooperation has improved.

Third, to the outdoor play can breathe fresh air, a better foundation of nature, so that the mood more comfortable, which is the character of infants and young children is a great benefit.

However, everything has two sides, then we take a look at children's outdoor toys shortcomings it.


First, after all, playing in the outdoors, it is vulnerable to environmental and weather effects, resulting in a lot of inconvenience.

Second, the children play with large outdoor toys, it is inevitable that the situation pushed only hit, causing a certain degree of security problems.

Third, the long-term exposure to outdoor toys in the air and the outside world, will inevitably be damaged, if the kindergarten condition is limited or check work done in place, is likely to threaten the safety of children.

In view of this, children's outdoor toys have advantages and disadvantages, as parents should dare to let children contact this type of toys, because it has a general indoor toys can not replace the advantages, but at the same time, security should be considered as the first element , To supervise the nursery reasonable inspection work in order to allow children to play with more confidence and more secure.

In addition, children playing in the outdoors when the toy, we must pay attention to cultivate the baby's self-protection awareness, do not rush to play ignore some of the objective existence of security issues, as far as possible so that children develop mutual accommodation, orderly good habits , Of course, this is mainly the work of the kindergarten teacher.

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